image microstructure
Jon Arney

Dr. Arney is an associate professor at the Center for Imaging Science at Rochester Institute of Technology where he teaches Tone and Color Reproduction, Experimental Image Microstructure, and Properties of Imaging Materials.

He also serves as the chair of the undergraduate program in imaging science. He is active in undergraduate affairs and serves as faculty advisor for the Student Chapter of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology and the RIT Amateur Radio Club. He is actively involved in research on the interactions of inks with paper and other imaging substrates and has published new theories on how images are formed on paper. His work has focused on practical issues of color printing with both desk top and commercial printing devices. In addition spin offs from this work have had found applications in the analysis of historical documents in the museum environment.

Visiting Scientists

Akio Tsujita, Hitachi Corporation

Shinya Yamaguchi, Nippon Paper Company

Katsuay Ito, Toyobo Corporation
Our visiting scientists are here for a year to take courses, to learn our experimental techniques for microdensitometry, and to do research.

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