1931 Color Matching Functions

Illuminants D65 (blue) and A (red)

Rendering of a
Color Checker
  These files are available for download. If you are not able to read Microsoft Excel format, click the links for the HTM files, and use your browser to save the files in text format.

CIE Standard Colorimetric Observer Data, provided from 380nm to 780nm, sampled at 5nm
  • 1931 2° CIE Standard Colorimetric Observer Data
  • 1964 10 °CIE Standard Colorimetric Observer Data
  • Excel spreadsheet (Due to rounding, this file is slightly different from the html)
CIE Standard Illuminant Data Full set of 1nm data, includes all of the following:
  • Illuminant A
  • Illuminant D65
  • VM(λ) 1988 Spectral Luminous Efficiency Function for photopic vision
  • V'(λ) Spectral Luminous Efficiency Function for scotopic vision
  • 1931 2° CIE Standard Colorimetric Observer Data
  • 1964 10 °CIE Standard Colorimetric Observer Data
  • Excel with all of the above
Spectral Data for Commonly Used Color Products Code for CIE Color Difference formula CIEDE2000
  • These are NOT official CIE code, and are not sanctioned or guaranteed in any way.
  • Excel Spreadsheet, originally provided by Dr. Klaus Witt, BAM, Germany
  • Matlab code
  • IDL code
  • Visual Basic code, intended to be used as a macro within Excel.

  • Note: The above code was debugged to match the output of the Witt spreadsheet.
Pointer Data Set
  • This spreadsheet is available by permission from Dr Michael Pointer. These data are those on which the often cited paper was based. The original article is "The Gamut of Real Surface Colors", M.R.Pointer, Color Research and Application 5 (1980).
  • Excel Spreadsheet, as provided by Dr. Pointer
CIE 170-1:2006 Cone Fundamentals for Various Field Sizes and Observer Ages Planck's Blackbody Equation Enumerated
  • Excel Spreadsheet to Compute Blackbody Spectral Curves
  • This spreadsheet is provided as a courtesy. It was derived form wikipedia.com articles in March 2010. THe plot makes a nice picture. If you plan to do real science, we suggest you verify the calculations yourself.

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