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from Dr. Joseph Hornak
Director, Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

Professor Hornak, Director MRL.
The RIT Magnetic Resonance Laboratory is a research and development laboratory devoted to solving real world problems with magnetic resonance.

The laboratory was founded in 1985 as an area of excellence on the RIT campus. The laboratory initially specialized in the design and construction of high efficiency coils for MRI of extremities. It developed and patented the single turn solenoid style coil. Other initial areas of specialization included multispectral tissue classification, MRI of materials, and the design of magnetic resonance instrumentation. The laboratory evolved into its present consortium of scientists and engineers from academia and industry with magnetic resonance expertise. This consortium gives us a broad spectrum of scientific and engineering capabilities. The laboratory offers a variety of services, including consulting, feasibility study, system design & development, sponsored project, basic research, needs assessment, and educational services.

The laboratory has several pieces of specialized magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging instrumentation on the RIT campus. Among these are a Bruker DRX-300 NMR spectrometer with micro imaging accessory, an Overhauser magnetometer with base station, a three-axis magnetometer, a low frequency electron spin resonance spectrometer, and a radio frequency imaging coil test bridge. Other pieces of instrumentation are available through our consortium of experts in industry and academia. This instrumentation includes diffusion measuring spectrometers and whole body magnetic resonance imaging systems. The laboratory has a library of specialized magnetic resonance and magnetics software that allows us to perform some unique analyses.

When appropriate, the laboratory protects its intellectual property with patents and copyrights. Some of the laboratory's intellectual property is available for licensing. The laboratory has produced a number of technical reports, some of which are available to the public. Our sponsors have rated the quality of our technical reports as excellent.

Because of RIT's low facilities and administration cost rate (overhead), research at RIT is real bargain. To obtain more value for your research and development dollar, we can work with RIT's office of Grants Contracts and Intellectual Property to take advantage of various state and federal programs, such as NYSTAR and SBIR, designed to facilitate the transfer technology to the corporate entities.

What can magnetic resonance do for you? Explore our capabilities, instruments, and technical reports through the links on this page for an idea of what we have done in the past. Then, please contact us to explore how we can solve your specific research and development problems with magnetic resonance.

Magnetic Resonance Laboratory
Center for Imaging Science
Rochester Institute of Technology
54 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY 14623-5604

voice: 585 475-2904     fax: 585 475-5988     e-mail: jphsch@rit.edu

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