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Laboratory Activities

I recently met one of my first students at RIT, Mark Reiman (BS Chem 1988, MS Color Science 1999). Both of us were training for a triathlon and decided to try out the Syracuse Half Ironman bike course one May weekend. (Temperature: 46F, Wind: W @ 25 mph, Precipitation: ice pellets, light snow, rain)

Mark & JH on Syr Bike Course (2016)

Lauren Switala (BS CHEM 2015) and Emma Hornak presenting their poster A Low Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study Of The Firing Temperature Of Redart Clay at the Rochester Academy of Science 41th Annual Fall Scientific Paper Session. (November 2014)

Lauren & Emma @ RAS (2014).

Amy Becker (BS IMGS 2015) measuring R1 values on the 40 MHz Magritek NMR.

Amy Becker measuring R1(~2014).

Bill Ryan at the low frequency electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer. (2014)

Bill Ryan @ LFEPR (2014).

I recently graduated my third doctoral student Dr. Yujie Qiu (PhD SIMD 2013). Note the informal commencement attire worn by RIT faculty.

Yujie Qiu Graduation (2014).

My high school chemistry and physics teacher, Mr. Henry J. McCann, at a school reunion. He was undoubtedly the first teacher who inspired me to become a scientist. I saw in him that evening the same personable, energetic, and keen-witted teacher who motivated me to learn chemistry and physics from his lectures and demonstrations. Thank you Mr. McCann.

Mr. McCann at 40th reunion (2012).

Research group dinner June 2010. From left to right: Nitin Nampalli (BS EMCR 2010), Yujie Qiu (PhD SIMD 2013), Wei, Shunxu Ge, me, Elizabeth Hornak, Gina Campbell, Derrick Campbell (MS SIMD 2014), Hongmei Yuan (MS SCHC 2011).

Group Dinner 2010

RIT Provost Jeremy Haefner presenting the 2010 RIT Trustees Scholarship Award at the a dinner on May 11.

Scholarship Award 2010

Rebecca Smith happily collecting another R1 value.

Rebecca Smith

Wenjia Zhang & Emma Satterfield, two members of my fan club from Missouri University of Science and Technology who met me at the 2010 Experimental NMR Conferecne in Daytona Beach, Florida.


Christmas 2009 Hongmei Yuan (MS SCHC 2011) and my daughters (left) and Yujie Qiu (PhD SIMD 2013), husband Wei, and my daughters (right).

Christmas Christmas

During the summer of 2009, I visited China to present a series of lectures on NMR. Here is my billing at Henan University in Kaifeng, Henan, China.

Henan University

My host was Professor Xiuhua Liu from Henan University. Here we are pictured with her graduate student Lin (Lee) Zhang at the Great Wall north of Beijing.

Great Wall, China

Other members of her research group are pictured in the following images.

Dr. Liu's Group

Dr. Liu's Group

Group dinner Summer 2008. Pictured from left to right are Jennifer Swartzenberg (BS SCHC 2009), Brittany Lipchick (BS SCHC 2008) & firend, Sang Yun Moon's (MS SIMG 2008) family, and my family.

Group 2008

The summer of 2007 research group from left to right, Sang Yun Moon (MS SIMG 2008), Brittany Lipchick (BS SCHC 2008), me, Raliek Boswell (CIS HS Intern), and May Cheung (CIS HS Intern). The picture was taken at the 2007 RIT Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium.


May and Brittany discussing results over lunch.

May & Brittany 2007

May and Raliek preparing for the symposium.

May & Raliek 2007

I spent the summer of 2005 in the research group of Dr. Ulrich Scheler, IPF, Dresden, Germany.

Dresden Group, PhD

Dr. Tina Bray (PhD SIMD 2006) collecting NMR data and as a new PhD.

Tina Bray, PhD Tina Bray, PhD

Dr. Tina Bray (PhD SIMD 2006) and Mitch Burgess (BS ITFE 2002) overseeing the drilling of our field wells one warm January day in 2001.

Winter Wells

Devi Ramanan (BS SCHC 1995) at commencement.

Devi Ramanan

Devi Ramanan (BS SCHC 1995) and Dr. Jo Roe (BS SCHC 1994, MS SCHC 1996) preparing reverse micelle solutions.

Jo Roe & Devi Ramanan

Dimitrios Psarros (MS ICSG 1994) working on his image segmentation tools package.

Dimitrios Psarros

Lada Jawny (BS SIMG 1993) passes the research torch to Rebecca Bogdan (BS SIMG 1994).

Lada Jawny & Rebecca Bogdan

Dr. Lynn Fletcher (BS SIMG 1992) presenting her research at the Society of Magnetic resoance in Medicine meeting in Berlin, Germany in August 1992.

Lynn Fletcher, PhD

Dr. Edward Szczepaniak (MS EQAS 1992) at the low frequency ESR spectrometer.

Edward Szczepaniak, PhD

Scott Szeglowski (BS SIMG 1992).

Scott Szeglowski

Dr Karl Helmer getting a little frustrated with the Mac based system on the 200 MHz NMR.

Karl Helmer


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