Roger L. Easton, Jr.
revised 24 June 2006 (in Bangalore, state of Karnataka, India)

X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging at the Standford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL), March 2006

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SSRL  Entering SSRL; note the bright blue sky in March (this certainly isn't Rochester!)

with Mike Toth Will Noel at SLAC  Pre-run conference at the SLAC Guest House: with Mike Toth and Will Noel (Photo by Bob Morton)

with Uwe Bergmann  with Uwe Bergmann in SSRL hutch 6-2.

 Uwe Bergmann, Abigail Quandt, Jennifer Giaccai, Mike Toth During the run: Uwe Bergmann, Abigail Quandt, Jennifer Giaccai, myself (what happened to my hair?), and Michael Toth

I am NOT cutting a page of Archimedes (Reviel Netz in background)  Contrary to the apparently incriminating evidence, I am NOT using scissors to trim the edge of folio 021 of the Archimedes palimpsest; this was a test object to check beam and system alignment. Standing behind (L to R) are Will Noel, Mike Toth, and  Reviel Netz, Professor of Classics at Stanford University.

Abigail in the hutch with 057r  Abigail in the hutch with folio 081, showing the forgery that was painted on this page (and 3 other existing pages, plus possibly 3 missing pages) after 1938.

057r in X-ray beam  Folio 057 (another forgery) in the X-ray beam

Archie SLAC Team  The members of the imaging team in front of hutch 6-2 at SSRL: (left to right) myself (RIT), Abigail Quandt WAM), Will Noel (WAM), Keith Knox (Boeing), Mike Toth (R.B. Toth Assoc.), Bob Morton (ConocoPhillips), Uwe Bergmann (SLAC), and Jennifer Giaccai (WAM).

Mike Toth's Death March  Mike Toth seems to be finishing a death march; actually he is adjusting the position of the table relative to the X-ray beam.

Will Noel with a Floating Body  On the last night of the run, Will Noel uses a champagne cork at the celebratory dinner to illustrate Archimedes' most famous achievement, as presented in "On Floating Bodies."

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