Roger L. Easton, Jr.
6 August 2006 (at SLAC, Palo Alto, CA)

X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL), July-August 2006

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SSRL  Archie Workspace at SSRL with Archimedes Posters

with Mike Toth Will Noel at SLAC  Bifolio 144-145 scanned through the X-ray beam

with Uwe Bergmann  incognito, with Keith Knox (actually looking at one of Bob Morton's stereo images)

 Uwe Bergmann, Abigail Quandt, Jennifer Giaccai, Mike Toth Visitors in the hutch with Will Noel during the run

I am NOT cutting a page of Archimedes (Reviel Netz in background)Abigail Quandt and Mary Miller (from the Exploratorium) before the Exploratorium Webcast on Friday, 4 August 2006.

 Will and Mike in Hutch  Mike Toth fills the dewar with liquid nitrogen in the hutch before Will Noel changes the leaf.

057r in X-ray beam  Team Picture before Saturday's celebratory dinner at the Rive Gauche in Menlo Park.

Will being Will  Will Noel is at his calm and reasoned best at the celebratory dinner, or else he is TFN.

Indian contingent The Indian contingent after the celebratory dinner

Will Noel with a Floating Body  Will Noel wears the "Hat of Power" and declares victory

I'm wearing the hat of power  My turn in the "Hat of Power"

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