Roger L. Easton, Jr.
revised 24 June 2006 (in Bangalore, state of Karnataka, India)
Trip to Udupi in December 2005

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Banu and Ajay  Banu Ramaswamy and Ajay Pasupuleti

Traveling to Udupi  at Tumkur on the way to Udupi (13° 20' 18.70'' N lat.,  77° 06' 04.34'' E long.)

on the road to Udupi  On the Road to Udupi

 Preparation for Imaging in Udupi, 12/2005  Setting up the camera in a building near Sri Krishna Temple in Udupi, with Ajay Pasupuleti, Prasanna, and Keith Knox (13° 20' 26.98'' N lat., 74° 45' 04.07'' E long.)

Setting Up the Camera in Udupi  Setting up for camera focus test

camera test  Testing the camera, with Keith, Ajay, and P.R. Mukund

pre-imaging consultation  Conferring with Ajay and Keith

ramanath with ajay, keith, pr  Ramanatha Acharya, the manuscript scholar, with Ajay, Keith, PR, and me (hiding behind the camera)

Keith, Ramanatha, etc.  Keith, Ajay, PR, Ramanatha Acharya, and Prasanna

Dale Stewart in front of Temple  Dale Stewart (Keith's wife) in front of Sri Krishna Temple in Udupi (13° 20' 28.14'' N lat.,  74° 45' 06.74'' E long.)

at the temple  At Palimaru matha near Udupi (13° 12' 28.22'' N lat.,  74° 47' 55.25'' E long.)

Keith showing the images to Swamiji  Keith showing images to the Swamiji at the Pajaka matha school, near the birthplace of Madhvacharya (13° 16' 16.12'' N,  74° 47' 30.85' E)

Kids are the same everywhere Kids are the same everywhere (at the Pajaka matha school, 13° 16' 16.12'' N,  74° 47' 30.85' E)

Job Security? At Pajaka matha, more palm-leaf manuscripts to be imaged?

Kunjaru Hill  Temple at Kunjaru Hill  Kunjaru Hill, near Pajaka matha (13°16' 17.32'' N,  74°46'54.01" E, elev 220')

Ramanatha and the palm leaf manuscript  Ramanatha Acharya and the Sarvamoola granthas manuscript

Keith showing the images  Keith showing the images to Shri Vidyadeesha Teetha Swamiji of Palimaru matha and his entourage
  Swamiji views the images  Showing the images to Ramanatha Acharya and the Swamiji

  India Team  Team picture with Sarvamoola granthas in the foreground

An image of one side of one page of the Talavakara, one of the palm leaf manuscripts, after processing and digital stitching. The image has been subsampled from its original width of 14000 pixels.Click on the image to view a larger zoomable image.

Image of one palm leaf

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