Wadsworth Junction

When the Lehigh Valley Railroad was constructed between New York City and Buffalo in the early 1900s, its interchange with the Rochester Branch of the PRR was located at Wadsworth Junction. The track linking the railroads ascended a grade heading south and west from the PRR. The bed of the interchange line can be followed easily today.

Interchange from PRR to LVRR ascended to right

The Lehigh Valley RR crossed over both the Genesee River and Pennsylvania RR on a long deck-truss viaduct (trains ran on top of, rather than through, the truss). The span over the river itself still exists, but the connecting spans were removed after Conrail abandoned the line in the late 1970s.

Lehigh Valley RR Bridge over the Genesee      Span from North      LVRR Bridge Span and Distant Abutment (to left)

(note eastern abutment of the viaduct in the distance at the center left of the last picture)

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