Outreach Programs

The Center for Imaging Science has an active, nationwide educational outreach program. The goal of the program is to raise awareness of the many opportunities available in the field of imaging science by working cooperatively with educators to enhance the learning experience for their students. Some of our offerings are available to educators outside the Rochester area through the use of online learning technologies. Please click on the links below for more information. Click here to check out a blog kept by our Senior Associate for Outreach and Communications, Bethany Choate.

In-class and Special Event Demonstrations

We can visit your classroom, conference, college/career fair, or special event with demonstrations to complement your lessons on light, optics, color, astronomy, careers in science, or related topics. 

Click here to view video from a recent in-class demonstration.

Outreach That You Can Do

Want to help spread the word about Imaging Science at RIT? We have put together a number of publicly available resources to enlighten, inspire, and educate potential students. These projects and presentations can be facilitated by anyone - Imaging/Color/Photo Science Alumni, Imaging Science Professionals, Educators, and you!

Summer internships

A limited number of paid positions as research assistants are available for highly qualified high school students.

Laboratory visits

We are eager to have students visit us for hands-on laboratory experiences in areas such as visual perception, remote sensing.

High school elective

A one-semester introductory course on the fundamentals of imaging science has been developed and successfully pilot tested.

Teacher workshops

We can create a professional development experience tailored specifically for the needs of your faculty.

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