Resources for Faculty/Staff

  • Monthly Report of CIS Activities
  • How to Edit your CIS information, awards, or publications
  • Where to edit your Faculty Annual Review (use your RIT login for this page)
  • Where to edit the CIS Document Library (use your CIS WEB login for this page) - Link temporarily removed (see below)
    • Effective immediately, please suspend any activity on the CIS Document Library database that requires logging in.

      CIS is in the process of migrating over to a new database system that is more robust, easy to use, customizable, uses your regular RIT username and password to log in, and comes with long-term maintenance.

      What this means: Please do not add anything to the Document Library or edit anything there currently. If you do, there is potential for those additions/changes to get lost in the transition.

      When this will be done: Barring any significant problems, the transition should be complete around 11/11/14 (best guess). At that time you will be notified and supplied instructions on how to log in to the new system. Please note, the procedure to add entries will be largely the same as before. 
  • Student Expectations - Personal Ethics & Professional Integrity

Logo/Promotional Materials


  • Science Pedagogy: Science Education in the 21st Century: Using the Tools of Science to Teach Science, by Dr. Carl Wieman '73