En Route to an Imaging Science MS (Thesis) at RIT: Key Events and Milestones

En Route to an Imaging Science MS (Thesis) at RIT:
Key Events and Milestones

The following table summarizes key events and milestones in the career of an Imaging Science MS (Thesis) student. Except for the hard dealline for participation in Commencement, the dates in the timeline are representative. Individual students will have different timelines to graduation depending on circumstances. The typical MS thesis student finishes their degree in about 2.5 years.

Application Year
Application decision; matriculate into program; financial support established
Admissions Committee, Center Staff
Year 1    
July/Aug Register for classes Student, Academic Coordinator, Graduate Program Coordinator
Labor Day TA duties assigned (if applicable) Center Associate Director
Spring Term Advisor selection by student. Student informs Graduate Program Coordinator. Student; Graduate Program Coordinator acts as advisor until advisor selection is made
End of Spring Term Submission of initial Study Plan and submit transfer credit request (if applicable) to Graduate Program Coordinator Student, Graduate Advisor, Graduate Program Coordinator
End of Summer Formulate research topic; Research Committee formed Student, Graduate Advisor, Graduate Program Coordinator
YEAR 2 until completion    
Every term Periodic Research Committee Briefings Student
At least 4 weeks prior to defense Student will provide Graduate Program Coordinator with electronic copy  of thesis defence announcement with abstract, date, time, and location who will distribute it via Center staff assistant; Student will distribute thesis to the committee and Student, Graduate Program Coordinator
By mid-term Thesis defense Student, Research Committee
May 1 for spring term graduation Thesis sign-off and submission to Library for binding Student, Research Committee, Graduate Program Coordinator (May 1: deadline to participate in commencement)
End of term that defense takes place Certification of the MS degree Graduate Program Coordinator




M.S. Study Plan

M.S. Graduation Certification Form
Wallace Library Thesis Binding Instructions

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