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Labiak, R.; van Aardt, J.A.; Bespalov, D.; Eychner, D.; Wirch, E.; Bischoff, H., Automated method for detection and quantification of building damage and debris using post-disaster LiDAR data, SPIE, SPIE Conference on Laser Radar Technology and Applications XVI, Orlando, FL, USA, April (2011) [BibTeX]

Keywords: lidar building damage earthquake

Research is ongoing at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to develop an end-to-end operational tool that will ingest a light detection and ranging (LIDAR) point cloud of a post-disaster scene, and autonomously output a building damage map showing both heavily damaged and collapsed buildings. The tool is being built and tested using LIDAR data of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, collected by RIT just days after the January 2010 earthquake. This research enhances existing algorithms for LIDAR point classification (ground/non-ground), feature classification (buildings, vegetation, roads, etc.), and seeks to develop new algorithms for building damage and debris detection and quantification.

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