Advisory Board

Advisory Board Overview

The RIT SMP program has drawn on our relationship with external partners on the NSF IPLER project to  enlist a diverse group of partners representing a broad range of perspectives in the area of disaster management. Our committed partners represent disaster management practitioners from government agencies, data and service providers. We will continue to seek out additional partners such as disaster recovery (insurance) specialists. These partners either directly employ STEM graduates or are key customers for those who employ them. Each partner has committed to assist the SMP by providing at least one key element of support including internship opportunities, seminar speakers, reviewers for MS student theses, recruitment planning, collaborative research opportunities, hosting visits by SMP students to their facilities, and participation on the SMP advisory board.  

The SMP Advisory Board meets quarterly to discuss program status, identify opportunities, and recommend changes.

Advisory Board members include:

Dr. Sandra Rothenberg, Associate Professor, Director, RIT Saunders College Institute for Business Ethics

Dr. Franz Foltz, Associate Professor, RIT Department of Science Technology and Society/Public Policy

Dr. Brian Tomaszewski, Assistant Professor, RIT Department of Information Sciences and Technologies 

Dr. Chance Glenn, Associate Dean of RIT Graduate Studies

Ms. Mary Louise Meizensahl,  Administrator, Monroe County Office of Emergency Management

Mr. Ron Eguchi, CEO, ImageCat Inc.

Mr. Charles Mondello, VP Marketing, Pictometry International

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