The doctoral curriculum offers you a thorough course of study and research, structured and directed by experts in imaging science. You acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience to continue to expand the boundaries of the discipline and to meet current scholarly, industrial, and governmental demands.

Fundamental understanding of the basis of imaging science. The course of study involves two years of course work beyond the baccalaureate and a research-based dissertation. The successful doctoral candidate completes course work, including the core curriculum, defined by a plan of study, passes the Ph.D. comprehensive and qualifying examinations, and completes a dissertation under the supervision of a research advisor and dissertation committee. Click here to learn more about the curriculum and requirements of the PhD program.

Questions? Registration and enrollment questions should be directed to the RIT Offices of Part-time & Graduate Enrollment.

For specific questions about course content and research, please contact Dr. Charles Bachmann, Graduate Program Coordinator, (585) 475-7238.

The 2017 Ph.D. Qualifying Exam will be held Friday, June 9, 2017.

The Center's Ph.D. qualifying exam policy can be found here.

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