Minor in Optical Science


This is an interdisciplinary minor offered jointly by the Department of Physics and the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science.   The minor will provide students with a background in a broad set of technologies and techniques for exploiting the properties and applications of light.  

Students will have the opportunity for additional study in Optical Science in order to build a secondary area of expertise in support of their major program or as another area of interest.


A student must be matriculated in a baccalaureate program and have completed the necessary pre-requisite classes before taking the classes listed below.


A student must successfully complete a minimum of 20 quarter credit hours in the manner prescribed from the listings below with a 2.0 minimum GPA. At least 12 quarter credit hours must be in courses not required by the student's home program and must be completed in residency at RIT.

Specific Courses Required :

(1)  A course in each of three fundamental areas of Optical Science :

a.      Optical Principles
b.     Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation
c.      Detectors

(2)  Two other classes (from an approved list) that provide specialization in any of the areas listed in requirement (1).

Requirement (1) can be fulfilled by completing :

(a)   For Optical Principles one of the following courses ;
-        1051-303 Geometric Optics
-        1017-455 Optical Physics I
-        0305-525 Optics for Microelectronic Engineering
-        1017-320 Principles of Optics

(b)  For  Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation one of the following courses ;

-        1017-556 Laser Physics
-        0609-511 Laser Technology
-        1051-370 Radiometry

(c)   For Detectors the course ;

-        1051-465 Detectors

Requirement 2 can be fulfilled by completing any two of the following courses ;

-        1051-455 Physical Optics

-        1051-313 Interaction of Light and Matter or 1017-314 Modern Physics I or 1014-442 Quantum Chemistry (only one of these can be used for Requirement 2)

-        1051-528 Design and Fabrication of a Solid State Camera

-        1017-412 Electricity & Magnetism II or 0301-474 Electromagnetic Fields II (only one of these can be used for Requirement 2)

-        1017-555 Optical Physics II

-        1017-511 Experimental Optics or 1008-311 Analytical Chemistry : Instrument Analysis (only one of these can be used for Requirement 2)

-        0305-564 Microlithography Systems and 0305-574 Microlithography Systems Lab (both completed can be used as one of the two courses)

-        0301-625 Modern Photonic Devices and Systems or 0609-554 Electronic Optical Devices (only one of these can be used for Requirement 2)

-        0301-674 Fiber Optics: Theory and Coupling or 0614-520 Fiber Optic Telecommunications Technology

-        2076-454 Holography I

Zoran Ninkov, Optical Science Minor Co-ordinator
Joel Kastner, Undergraduate Coordinator
Susan Chan , Academic Coordinator

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