Imaging Science Academic Programs

The Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science at RIT has a variety of educational options including the first Ph.D. program ever offered at the institute.

Bachelor of Science Imaging Science is for high school graduates or students transferring from another college. Courses introduce you to many aspects of Imaging Science and also encourage specialization in an area of your choice.

Minor Imaging Science Students now have the opportunity for additional study in Imaging Science, in order to build a secondary area of expertise in support of their program or other areas of interest.

Minor in Optical Science The minor will provide students will provide students with an opportunity for further study in the technologies and techniques for exploiting the properties and applications of light.
satellite image Master of Science Imaging Science degree prepares you for positions in research, product development, and management in the imaging industry.

Master of Science Color Science is of interest to people with a background in physics, chemistry, mathematics, imaging science, computer science, psychology, physiology, textiles, graphic or fine art, or any discipline relating to the quantitative description of color.

Ph.D. Imaging Science curriculum offers you a thorough course of study and research, structured and directed by experts in imaging science.

Ph.D. Color Science offers study and research in many areas of color science. Examples include art conservation science, spectral-based archiving of cultural heritage, spectral-based computer graphics, data visualization, color-appearance models, and novel metrics of color quality. 

We offer occasional short courses on a variety of subjects. These are both a great introduction to imaging science and a way to keep up with what's new in the field.

Online Learning allows you to take RIT courses from just about anywhere in the world.

Class Material is a collection of texts, software, and other online resources for students at CIS.

IS&T Student Chapter We have a student chapter of the IS&T (Society for Imaging Science and Technology).

Graduate Student Handbook Web-based handbook for graduate students.

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