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Imaging Science Undergraduate's AMA Reaches Reddit Front Page
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Cultural Artifact and Document Imaging

Fourth-year student Kevin Sacca's "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) about multispectral imaging of historical documents proved highly popular on social network reddit

Jun. 16, 2015

Imaging Science senior Kevin Sacca is spending his summer working with Dr. Roger Easton Jr. capturing and processing multispectral images of historic documents. In response to public curiosity about the nature of his work, Sacca set up an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") interview session on social networking website reddit. The session proved to be wildly popular, racking up over 350 comments and even making it to the front page of reddit. 

You can read the full thread, titled "I am a scientist who utilizes multispectral imaging to recover and preserve information from old documents. AMA!", or check out highlights from AMA highlights.com