Octavia Rhim
Intern Class of 2010
Recently, CIS caught up with Octavia Rhim, one of our summer interns back in 2010. She reminisced about her internship experience and updated us on what she's up to now.

Briefly describe what your research project involved.
My partner, Cicely, and I worked with the Visual Perception department and for our research project, we used eye-tracking devices to determine the differences between novices and experts while playing the video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. To experiment, we had participants indicate whether they were novices or experts (how much do they play the video game and how far have they gotten in the video game) and then we had them wear eye-tracking devices while playing a specific section of the video game. An example of a difference that we noticed between novices and experts was that when experts aimed at a target, they would look precisely right at the target, enabling them to shoot much more accurately than the novices, who tended to look all around the screen while trying to aim and shoot at a single target at the same time. 

What was your favorite experience during the internship?
My favorite experience during the internship was working with eye-tracking devices and performing experiments. I was truly amazed!

How did the internship influence or change you?
The internship was my first full-time job. I worked 40 hours a week, which was a great experience. I had the chance to work with other high school students and get to know them. Some of us are still friends now! I also enjoyed working with RIT professors. The internship gave me a feel of college and the opportunity to communicate and work with professors. Ultimately, this internship gave me the opportunity to study Imaging Science, which I knew nothing about prior to. 

What are you up to now?
Now, I am a sophomore at the University of Rochester, majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Dance. Aside from academics, I try to stay involved on campus. I participate with U of R's Blacks Student's Union, I am a member of the Douglass Leadership House and Sihir Bellydance Ensemble, and I am the junior adviser of U of R's Indulgence Hip Hop Dance Team. I have a job at the Carlson library on campus, working at the circulation desk and I live on campus, although I am from Rochester! 

What are your future plans?
I plan on going to graduate school for Linguistics. I am currently deciding on pursuing either a master's degree or a PH.D. I am still unsure of what I want to do with linguistics but I enjoy it very much and I know that part of the college experience is figuring out what you want to do after. 

Would you recommend this experience to others?
I would definitely recommend the CIS internship to all high school students interested in science and college. It is a great opportunity to explore, learn, and meet new people. 

Cicely DiPaulo, left, from Pittsford Mendon High School, adjusts the Positive Science Eyetracker worn by Octavia Rhim, from Benjamin Franklin High School. They spent the summer of 2010 as interns in the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science, where they worked in the Multidisciplinary Vision Research Laboratory. Photo by A. Sue Weisler

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