Elaine Ferrara
Intern Class of 2011
Recently, CIS caught up with Elaine Ferrara, one of our summer interns back in 2011. She reminisced about her internship experience and updated us on what she's up to now.

Briefly describe what your research project involved. 
I worked alongside my partner in the MRI internship with Dr. Hornak.  We spent the summer optimizing the 10% imaging function of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance machine.  We performed different tests in order to find a set of parameters which would yield the clearest and most defined images from the interment.  We imaged mostly plant stems, since they fit in the NMR tubes nicely. 

What was your favorite experience during the internship?
I really enjoyed learning about the NMR machine and performing our experiments.  However, I most enjoyed making friends with the other interns.  We bonded and had a great summer together talking about science things and being the complete nerds that we are.

How did the internship influence or change you?
I believe this internship helped me on my path of acceptance into RIT, so essentially it has helped me become an RIT student and pursue my career in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.  It also gave me a huge appreciation for all the scientists working in labs all over the world. The amount of work that needs to go into one simple sounding experiment is unbelievable.

What are you up to now?
I am an RIT student in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. 

What are your future plans?
I plan on working in a hospital or private practice as a DMS performing OB ultra sounds.

Would you recommend this experience to others?
I would absolutely recommend this experience to others.  You learn to work along side professors and students alike, conduct scientific experiments, and how to present your findings.  This internship has an all encompassing learning experience which will help you learn about yourself while making discoveries in science.

Elaine graduated from Penfield High School in 2012.

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