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Recent News

The sky’s the limit RIT becomes part of national plans to improve use of unmanned aircraft systems

Women in science, technology, engineering and entrepreneurship connect at RIT April 28 Professional organization looks to increase membership


RIT graduate students recognized for exemplary research in astrophysics Students in RIT’s astrophysical sciences and technology program awarded for excellence

RIT scientists and alumni recognized for contributions to Landsat 8 Imaging scientists on calibration/validation team win prestigious award

Teens explore bio-technology, packaging and optics at Workforce Innovations Conference

Student Affairs Awards 2014 recognize excellence and commitment of faculty and staff

20th commemoration and remembrance of Rwandan Genocide April 7 at RIT Discussion with Rwandan survivors and activists explores country’s past and pres

Associate Professor Maria Helguera featured in publication from Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

Shedding light on Earth-like planets RIT advances imaging detector technologies

Recent Publications

NEON Collaborative Data Collection Campaign at Pacific South West Site in California - abstract only

A Novel Adaptive Scheme for Evaluating Spectral Similarity in High-resolution Urban Scenes.

Design of a Saturation Scale for Real-World Chromatic Comparison

Using a new GUI tool to leverage Lidar data to aid in hyperspectral image material detection in the radiance domain on RIT SHARE LiDAR/HSI Data

Polarimetry and the High-Energy Mechanisms in Quasar Jets: The Case of PKS 1136-135

Management approaches of conservation areas: Differences in woody vegetation structure in a private and a national reserve

Agent Based Modeling in an Ecological Conservation Context

Validating a novel lidar distributional approach for forest floor fuel load mapping: Eastern hardwoods vs. western spruce-fir environments

J. Papa, J.Qiao “Holographic Correction of Surface Errors on Large-Scale Diffraction Gratings” OSA-CIOMP International Session on Optical Design, Engineering, and Fabrications, Changchun, China, 4-10 August, 2013

Unsustainable fuelwood extraction from South African savannas


CIS's Dr. John Schott inducted into RIT's Innovation Hall of Fame.
(View video)

CIS's Information Products Lab for Emergency Response works to improve disaster response through imaging. (View video)

CIS student Monica Cook selected for video feature as part of the RIT Office of the Provost student profile series (View video)

Recent Awards

Margaret Castle: RIT Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Rose Rustowicz: RIT Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award (Rochester Institute of Technology)

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