List of Symbols

Symbol Definition
Å Angstrom (10-10 meters)
Bo Static magnetic field
B1 The radio frequency magnetic field
C Contrast
C Electrical eapacitance
COSY 2-D correlated spectroscopy
CW Continuous wave
D Deuterium
D Diffusion coefficient
Chemical shift
Magnetic field gradient pulse width
Magnetic field gradient pulse separation
Chemical shift
E Energy
f Frequency
FID Free induction decay
FT Fourier transform
Gi Magnetic field gradient in the i direction
Gyromagnetic ratio
h Planck's constant
H Hydrogen
IFT Inverse Fourier transform
IM Imaginary part of a complex number
J Joule
J Spin-spin coupling constant
k Boltzmann constant
k kilo (103)
k Proportionality constant
K Kelvin temperature
L Electrical Inductance
m milli (10-3)
M mega (106)
micro (10-6)
Mo Equilibrium magnetization
MX X component of magnetization
MX' X' component of magnetization
MY Y component of magnetization
MY' Y' component of magnetization
MZ Z component of magnetization
MXY Transverse component of magnetization
MRI Magnetic resonance imaging
Resonance frequency in Hertz
N Number of averages
N+ Spin population in low energy state
N- Spin population in high energy state
NMR Nuclear magnetic resonance
Resonance frequency in radians per second
Ohm, impedance
Phase angle
ppm Parts per million
R1 Spin-lattice relaxation rate
RE Real part of a complex number
RF Radio frequency
s Second
Chemical shielding constant
SAR Specific absorption rate
Sinc Sin(x)/x
SNR Signal-to-noise ratio
T Temperature
T Tesla
T1 Spin-lattice relaxation time
T2 Spin-spin relaxation time
T2* T2 star
T2inhomo Inhomogeneous T2
Rotation angle
TE Echo Time
TI Inversion Time
TR Repetition Time
X X axis in laboratory coordinate system
X' Rotating frame X axis
Y Y axis in laboratory coordinate system
Y' Rotating frame Y axis
Z Z axis in laboratory coordinate system
1-D One-dimensional
2-D Two-dimensional

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