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Submit homework to the appropriate homework folder under collaborative files in MyCourses. Be sure to label the file with the exercise number and your name. For example, would be a zip file that contains Joe Smith's complete set of solution files for Homework 2. It should be placed in the Homework_2 folder under collaborative files. Similarly for other homework submissions.

Homework 2 Due Monday 9/19
HW2 Solutions

Homework 3 Due Thursday 9/29
HW3 Solutions

Homework 4 Due Thursday 10/14
HW4 Solutions

Homework 5 Due Tuesday 11/8
HW5 Solutions

Homework 6
HW6 Solutions


Midterm Review Questions
Midterm Exam from 2002

Midterm Exam from 2003
Midterm Answers 2003

Final Review Questions
Final Exam from 2002

Final Exam from 2003

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