1051-733-20092: Optics

Winter 2009-2010

    1. Four (4) credit hours
    2. Four (4) lecture hours per week
    3. Prerequisites: 1051-716, Fourier Methods; 1051-719, Radiometry
    4. Corequisites:  None

           Roger Easton: schedule  Office: Carlson 2112, Phone: 475-5969, Email: easton@cis.rit.edu
            (Office Hours, M 3-4 (note change from 2-3), T 4-5, Th 10-11, F 3-4, and by appt.)

    Course Catalog Description
    This course develops the requisite introductory knowledge in optics needed by a student in the graduate program in Imaging Science. The course will cover topics including geometrical optics, the Fresnel equations, diffraction, and resolution of imaging systems Class 4, Credit 4 (W)

    Course Outline (html)
    Course Outline (pdf file)

    Class Meeting Times:
    Classes meet during the scheduled time, MW 10AM - 12N EST. Offcampus students are urged to be online at this time, but the lectures will be recorded (assuming that everything works) for viewings/listenings at later times. I plan to use the same system used in 1051-716 Fourier Methods in 20091 with the scanner pad; the pages of notes will be posted online after the course. I will be available during other times TBD for questions and other assistance.

    Recommended Readings: As is generally true for all graduate courses, the scope of the material is not covered completely in any one book. Students should plan to spend some time in the library becoming familiar with the range of available books on the subject. 

    Useful books that I suggest perusing:
    Gaskill, Jack D., Linear Systems, Fourier Transforms, and Optics, John Wiley, 1978

    Max Born and Emil Wolf, Principles of Optics, 7th Expanded Edition, Cambridge University Press, 2005
    Reynolds, DeVelis, Parrent, Thompson, The New Physical Optics Notebook, SPIE, 1989
    Eugene Hecht, Optics, 4th Edition, Addison-Wesley, 2002
    F. Jenkins and H. White, Fundamentals of Optics, 4th Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1976
  1. Pedrotti, Pedrotti, Pedrotti, Introduction to Optics, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007
HW#1 (due W 12/09/2009)             SS#1
              HW#2 (due W 12/16/2009)             SS#2
              HW#3 (due W 01/13/2010)             SS#3
              HW#4 (due M 02/01/2010)             SS#4
              HW#5 (due M 02/09/2010)             SS#5
              HW#6 (due W 02/17/2010)             SS#6

Midterm Exam 1/20/2010              Solutions
        Final Exam
Final Exam 2/18/2010                  Solutions  



        Notes (pdf format)

          Rev 12, 02/16/2010  (24 MBytes)  

          NEW VERSION 2012-06-06 (50 MBytes)
          RAY OPTICS NOTES (with more on magnifiers -- 8 MBytes)

"AdobeConnect" Sessions (Formerly "Breeze")
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Recorded Archive
Daily Notes
30 Nov 2009 (M)
https://connect.rit.edu/p17615626/ 20092-11-30.pdf
scanned pages
02 Dec 2009 (W) https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/
https://connect.rit.edu/p67051570/ 20092-12-02.pdf
07 Dec 2009 (M)
https://connect.rit.edu/p96159213/ 20092-12-07.pdf
09 Dec 2009 (W)
https://connect.rit.edu/p53184916/ 20092-12-09.pdf
14 Dec 2009 (M)
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p99745305/ 20092-12-14.pdf
16 Dec 2009 (W)
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p24886819/
(n.b., NO audio, missing microphone)
04 Jan 2010 (M)
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p70582855/ 20092-13-04.pdf
06 Jan 2010 (W)
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p98195616/ 20092-13-06.pdf
11 Jan 2010 (M)
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p22537050/ 20092-13-11.pdf
13 Jan 2010 (W)
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p40984628/ 20092-13-13.pdf
15 Jan 2010 (F)
4PM - 6PM
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p21422672/ 20092-13-15.pdf
scanned pages.pdf
18 Jan 2010 (M) Class to be rescheduled
20 Jan 2010 (W) Midterm Exam
22 Jan 2010 (F)
4PM - 6PM
makeup class
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p44729735/ 20092-13-22.pdf
scanned pages
25 Jan 2010 (M)
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p43259588/ 20092-13-25.pdf
scanned pages
27 Jan 2010 (W)
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p22173213/ 20092-13-27.pdf
scanned pages
29 Jan 2010 (F)
4PM - 6PM
makeup class
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p22493245/ 20092-13-29.pdf
scanned pages
01 Feb 2010 (M)
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p15352531/ 20092-14-01.pdf
scanned pages
03 Feb 2010 (W)
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p36339362/ 20092-14-03.pdf
scanned pages
08 Feb 2010 (M)
(class held on 29 January)
10 Feb 2010 (W) https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p82094938/
scanned pages
12 Feb 2010 (F) Optional Problem Session
(planning  NOT to record)
15 Feb 2010 (M)
https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p24063868/ 20092-14-15.pdf
scanned pages
supplemental notes
17 Feb 2010 (W) https://connect.rit.edu/optics-733/ https://connect.rit.edu/p58687330/ 20092-14-15.pdf
scanned pages
19 Feb 2010 (F)
Problem Session (?)
Final Exam, TH
25 Feb 2010
8-11AM, 76-1275

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