RIT Recreational Cycling Group FAQ

1. WHAT IS THE RECREATIONAL CYCLING GROUP?: As the name implies, it's a group of people who like to go on recreational bike rides.

2. WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?:  The rides are open to pretty much anybody including faculty, staff, students, families, friends....

3. WHERE DOES THE GROUP RIDE?: We ride all over the greater Rochester area.  We typically start and end on campus.  Sometimes we depart from a remote location like Genesee Valley Park.  Most of the time we ride off-road on local trails, like the Genesee Valley Greenway and the Erie Canal Towpath.

4. IS THIS SOME SORT OF RACE?: NO!  This is a social, non-competitive group.  Our rides are done at a leisurely pace.  Some of the more experienced riders hang back specifically to make sure nobody is left behind.  We take frequent breaks to check out items of interest along the way, grab a quick drink or snack, and take a little a breather.  If the group gets a little spread out, we stop to let everyone catch up before going on.

5. HOW FAR DO YOU RIDE?: It depends... the first few rides are typically shorter (10-12 miles), to give everyone a chance to get their legs back into shape.  We gradually work up to the longer rides which are at the end of the summer.  Last year's longest ride was about 25 miles.  This year we may have an extra-long end-of-the-season ride for people who want to work toward a more challenging goal.

6. WHAT IF I CAN'T EVEN RIDE 10 MILES?: You'd be surprised how easy it is to ride 10 miles, especially if the pace is slow, the route is flat, and you're taking breaks along the way.  So 10 miles may sound like a long way, but really is within the capabilities of most people.  Besides, we're going to have some pre-season "warm-up" rides around campus to make sure your bikes and legs are ready for the longer rides.

7. WHAT KIND OF BIKE DO I NEED?: It is strongly recommended that you ride a bike that is designed for off-road use.  These are usually bikes that have wider tires, flat handlebars, and allow a more upright riding position.  Bikes with thinner, road tires can be used, but because of the unimproved nature of some of the trails we use, such bikes are only recommended for very experienced riders.

8. DO I NEED ANY OTHER EQUIPMENT?: You should have a way to carry 1 or 2 water bottles.  Usually there are places on the bike frame to hold them.  Oh, yeah - you'll need a helmet too.

9. WHAT IF MY BIKE BREAKS DOWN?: There's typically somebody in the group with a set of tools and a tire patch kit.  And a cell phone.  So don't worry.

10. WHAT IS THE SCHEDULE?: We typically ride Tuesdays at 5:00, weather permitting.  Rides go from 1-3 hours, depending on the route.