The 2011-2012 Freshmen Imaging Project

Each year, the Innovative Freshmen Experience (IFE) focuses on a different imaging system to research, design, and build in time to exhibit at ImagineRIT. The focus of the 2011 freshmen imaging project was 3D Imaging for Medical Applications Using Structured Light.

What did we do and why?
This year, the Freshman Imaging Project class was asked by Dr. Bo Hu and Dr. Jack Wojtczak from the University of Rochester Medical Center to design a craniofacial phenotyper - a 3D scanner whose purpose is to take certain measurements along the curvatore of a person's face. Dr. Hu and Dr. Wojtczak have done research which showed that certain facial measurements can help doctors determine whether or not a physician would have difficulty inserting a breathing tube into a patient prior to surgery. The goal of the Freshman Imaging Project class was to create a craniofacial phenotyper which quickly, accurately, and inexpensively provides a physicial with the data which would enable that assessment.

What is a structured light scanner, and how does it work?
This system uses Structured Light technology in order to gather 3D data. Several patterns of alternating dark and light bars with different spatial frequencies and orientations are projected onto the subject. Two cameras take pictures of the patterns, and the system computes the deviation of the bars with respect to a flat reference to determine depth information, The system renders a 3D point cloud that is used for visualization and allows the physician to obtain specific measurements.

What is a Craniofacial Phenotyper?

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