Abstract = {After customizing an Epson Stylus Photo 1200 by adding a continuous-feed ink system and a cyan,magenta,yellow,black,orange and green ink set, a series of research tasks were carried out to build a full spectral model of the printers output. First, various forward printer models were tested using the fifteen two color combinations of the printer. Yule- Nielsen-spectral-Neugebauer (YNSN) was selected as the forward model and its accuracy tested throughout the colorant space. It was found to be highly accurate, performing as well as a more complex local, cellular version. Next, the performance of nonlinear optimization-routine algorithms were evaluated for their ability to efficiently invert the YNSN model. A quasi-Newton based algorithm designed by Davidon, Fletcher and Powell (DFP) was found to give the best performance when combined with starting values produced from the non-negative least squares fit of single-constant Kubelka-Munk. The accuracy of the inverse model was tested and different optimization objective functions were evaluated. A multistage objective function based on minimizing spectral RMS error and then colorimetric error was found to give highly accurate matches with low metameric potential. Finally, the relationship between the number of printing inks and the ability to eliminate metamerism was explored.},
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