Abstract = {Experiments were performed to analyze the color accuracy of five camera systems used for museum image-archiving applications: Phase One IQ 180, Leaf Aptus 75, Hasselblad H4D-50, Cruse scanner, and a Sinar 75H modified to incorporate the RIT Dual-RGB approach. A Betterlight Super 8K was also tested to provide a benchmark. Default color management profiles were used in all cases. Experimental conditions were identical to the greatest extent possible. Targets included the X-rite ColorChecker Classic, a 100-patch acrylic-dispersion paint target made from 27 different pigments, and a 35-patch oil-paint target. Average performance varied between 1.5ΔE00 (Dual-RGB Sinar) and 6.0ΔE00 (Betterlight). Only the Sinar and Cruse systems produced acceptable results, systems optimized for archival imaging. The Hasselblad system produced self-luminous appearing images while the Phase One had severe tone reproduction error for highchroma colors. Both of these new systems would require considerable visual editing to produce archival color images.},
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