Imaging Science Administrative Staff

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James Bodie
  Unix, PC, Mac systems administrator

Susan Chan
  • Advising
  • Course scheduling

Bethany Choate
  Outreach and Recruitment for CIS:
  • Present technical talks and live demonstrations about Imaging Science
  • Design and distribute promotional and informational materials
  • Improve alumni relations and host get togethers
  • Maintain news, events, social media networks
  • Organize weekly seminar series

Joyce French
  • Student employment
  • Graduate student stipends/tuition
  • Graduate program administrative support

Rachel Guy
  Controller's office support for CIS, including:
  • Responsible for financial analysis and reporting on operating budgets, college special projects & discretionary accounts, gift and endowed scholarships, capital equipment and projects, and overhead return.
  • Ensure the college is compliant with GAAP accounting, and Institute Policies and Procedures.
  • Manage CIS Staff Accountant.

Valerie Hemink
  Clerical and administrative support for Munsell Color Science Laboratory

Beth Lockwood
  Administrative and clerical support for Center for Imaging Science department

Marilyn Lockwood
  Administrative support for the CIS Director

Brett Matzke
  Research Systems Administrator: Systems Administration of Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. To provide support for all academic and research computing needs. Manager of Student System Administrators for Desktop Support.

Joe Pow
  Associate Director

Cindy Schultz
  Administrative support for the Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Lab

Dan Smialek
  Carlson Building/Facilities Manager

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