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Recent News

Baum steps down as RIT Director of Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science Stefi Baum appointed dean at University of Manitoba after 10-year tenure RIT

Hubble Telescope Spots an Intergalactic String of Pearls By Alan Boyle No jeweler on the planet can beat the string of pearls spotted by the Hubble Space Telescope: The merger of two elliptical galaxies has created a "necklace" of infant stars st

Diving for pearls with the Hubble Space Telescope RIT astronomers help find star ‘necklace’ connecting elliptical galaxies

Brick City Homecoming & Family Weekend | October 16-19, 2014

35th Annual Telly Awards The Telly Awards honors the very best film & video productions, groundbreaking online video content, and outstanding local, regional, & cable TV commercials and programs.

Taking NASA-USGS’s Landsat 8 to the Beach

Florida Tech-Led Team Awarded Grant to Test Camera on International Space Station

RIT offers career-development workshop on imaging science July 14–24

RIT honors faculty with innovative teaching awards

Two 2014 CIAS graduates have that ‘Apple appeal’

Recent Publications

Colorimetric characterization of a 3D printer with a spectral model

Management approaches of conservation areas: Differences in woody vegetation structure in a private and a national reserve

Dynamics of Au (100) Surface in Electrolytes: In-Situ Coherent X-ray Scattering.

Feature Matching and Adaptive Prediction Models in an Object Tracking DDDAS

A voxel-based approach for imaging voids in three-dimensional point clouds

Visibility of artifacts in flat panel displays

Serendipitous Imaging of Space Objects With the Advanced Land Imager

A Ten Billion Solar Mass Outflow of Molecular Gas Launched by Radio Bubbles in the Abell 1835 Brightest Cluster Galaxy

Spatial heterodyne spectrometer: modeling and interferogram processing for calibrated spectral radiance measurements

AccessMath: Indexing and retrieving video segments containing math expressions based on visual similarity


CIS's Dr. John Schott inducted into RIT's Innovation Hall of Fame.
(View video)

CIS's Information Products Lab for Emergency Response works to improve disaster response through imaging. (View video)

CIS student Monica Cook selected for video feature as part of the RIT Office of the Provost student profile series (View video)

Recent Awards

Javier A. Concha: Student of the Year Award (American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing - Central New York Region)

Amanda Ziemann: Best Student Poster (DOE Conference on Data Analysis)

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